Pregnancy Miscarriage Signs & Symptoms

The feeling of being pregnant and giving birth to a child is a specialist to every would-be mother. Some women literally wait for the day when she can conceive and become able to childbirth. While most of them become successful, dreams of some such women are not fulfilled.

The issues of an inability of childbirth can be infertility but at times, even though the woman is fertile, she may not be able to give birth to her child due to the miscarriage of the baby in her womb.

Yes, Pregnancy care is a real thing and if you don’t take it seriously then stuff like miscarriages can happen which not only results in the loss of your baby but it can also result to some health complications of the pregnant ladies.

The loss of the fetus up to 20 weeks of conceiving is known as miscarriage whereas the formation of a baby after 20 weeks and thereby succumbing to miscarriage is known as still childbirth in the medical language.

It is disheartening for both the mother and the entire family to get along with the news of miscarriage and thus, every pregnant female needs to be extra careful during her pregnancy phase, more in the beginning trimesters, when they are actually least careful!

Pregnancy Miscarriage Signs & Symptoms
Pregnancy Miscarriage Signs & Symptoms

We shall know more about Pregnancy Miscarriage Symptoms here in this article but before that let us discuss the reasons for miscarriage in the pregnant females in brief…

Miscarriages can happen in both natural pregnancies and IVF pregnancies. It is a myth that every IVF pregnancy is successful and miscarriages only occur in fertile females who conceive naturally. There are many instances where a female has suffered miscarriage even in her IVF pregnancy and thus, the reasons for miscarriage are not limited to naturally conceiving only. Some of the common causes of miscarriage include

  • Early infections in the mother’s uterus or womb
  • Uterine abnormalities
  • Hormonal issues
  • Clinical conditions like thyroid diabetes, etc.
  • Immune system disorders.
  • Consuming such eatables which can cause miscarriage
  • Age factor

These are some of the common causes of miscarriage in a pregnant woman and it can also occur in IVF pregnancies as well. Other than these common factors, leading an unhealthy lifestyle like taking more stress, involving in harmful physical activities. Doing strenuous exercises etc. can also lead to unindenting miscarriages.

At times, it becomes difficult for a female to understand Pregnancy Miscarriage Signs and thus, they keep on continuing with their pregnancy with the dead fetus. That is why it is good for every woman to know the symptoms of miscarriage to assess the condition whenever they feel something is amiss in their pregnancy!

Here are some such symptoms that can signify the loss of the fetus due to miscarriage in a pregnant woman. Read on to know…

  • Bleeding during pregnancy is not very common as there is an absence of menstruation also. But if you notice that you are bleeding from your vagina which ranges from less to heavy then you may consider it as a sign of miscarriage. Consult your doctor immediately in case it occurs!
  • Abdominal pain, which is certainly not like a regular one you have due to other reasons.
  • Weakness, fatigue or fever which stays for a longer period
  • Severe cramps in and around your lower abdomen which you may not have experienced before.
  • Back pain which may turn worse with time
  • Vaginal discharge, nausea, vomiting, uterine contractions, etc.

These are some common signs of miscarriage that pregnant women face when usually the baby has already passed out. Normal signs of miscarriages do not show up when the baby is still alive and can be saved. Thus, if you see these signs take help of your doctor immediately to find out what next moves you must take for better and safe health of yours and become fit for concerning again!

The closure

As mentioned earlier in this article that miscarriages can occur in both the normal conceiving females and the IVF pregnancies as well. Therefore, it is instructed by the IVF Specialist/Doctors to remain careful during the pregnancy period so that the security of going through an IVF process do not take a toll at your pregnancy and lead to the condition where miscarriages can occur.

It is actually more disheartening when you suffer a miscarriage in your IVF pregnancy as because it is achieved after going through various procedures and wasting much time, energy and money.

Where a natural miscarriage might also hurt you but you know you still have the chances of conceiving ageing and you don’t have to go through the painful IVF procedures for having childbirth the next time. Thus, it is advised to every female entering into the pregnancy cycle or rooting for childbirth to be careful in everything they do; their lifestyle, physical and mental health conditions as well!

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