IUI – Step by Step Process, Success Rate and Cost in India

Infertility never comes with any warning; eventually, you develop symptoms and find yourself in the middle of the road without much hope left to hold on. Often in cases of female and male fertility treatment, the results have been positive and the couples in question have become able to give birth to their own child through the biological process again.

But in cases where every infertility treatment fails and the conditions become permanent, then also there is nothing to lose hope for the ones who suffer from infertility conditions. Amongst all other IVF treatments available for the infertile couples, IUI or intrauterine insemination is one of the most coveted techniques that is largely preferred by individuals today.

In the IUI treatment process/procedure, the sperm from a male donor or the male partner is injected directly into the uterus of the female partner or the surrogate mother.  We will know more about the process below

IUI Process Step by Step

The step by step process of IUI treatment for fertility/infertility

When people face the conditions of infertility, they go nuts finding ways to deal with it. The good news is that unlike before the options available in front of the infertile couples today are huge and people can choose from the various options available to have their own child despite having infertility issues. Amongst all the IVF treatments options available, IUI is one such method which is preferred by many infertile couples to have their own baby.

The IUI treatment for pregnancy is implemented in case of infertility of birth the male and female partner. As the process involves the transfer of healthy sperms into the uterus of the females to facilitate the further process of childbirth, it requires a healthy sperm donor. It can be either the male partner which is fertile or a male donor.

Often in cases of male infertility, the sperm from a donor is issued to inject into the uterus of the female partner to facilitate the further process of pregnancy. In case when the female partner is infertile the sperm of the male partner is injected into a female surrogate mother.

The steps include taking out of the sperm from the semen of the healthy male donor and thereby injecting it into the uterus of the female in the laboratory, through the IVF experts and thereby the female is kept under observation to notice the successful fertilization of the gametes. Therefore, the pregnancy process is carried out similarly to that of a normal biological pregnancy and the childbirth is also done the same way.

Overall IUI cost

If we go by the average costing of the IUI process, it is not too much when it comes to one or two cycles. But when the IUI cycle increases and a couple has to go more than 2 or 3 cycles to gain a successful pregnancy, the cost can definitely increase.

The Low-cost IUI treatment for infertility can start from 3000-5000 rupees per cycle whereas the high-cost ones can even reach the budget of lakhs including the tests and the post-fertilization medications as well.

That is why it is advised that whenever you opt for IUI treatment, try to maintain a healthy routine so that you don’t have to face unsuccessful infertility cycles. If you can conceive and carry on with your childbirth in the first attempt itself, the overall cost can come down inevitably!

Talking about IUI success rate

The success rate of any IVF process depends on certain factors like age physical healthiness of the woman, clinical complexities, etc. as far as the success of IUI treatments is concerned, it is most likely to be successful for aged women between the age group of 35-40 by 20-25 percent whereas it is more likely to be successful in the age group of the mid and late 20s. It all depends on how good your infertility expert is and how healthy you are to facilitate the artificial insemination. The more careful you are the better the chances of a successful IUI treatment.


Infertility comes with several ups and downs both in terms of the physical health condition of the couples going through it and their mental health condition as well. But today there are many ways through which people can deal with infertility and have their own child through the IVF techniques.

Today the developments in science and technology have made parenting possible or all those couples (and single parents as well) who are unable to give birth naturally. It can be either a male or female who suffers from infertility and it has absolutely nothing to do with one’s gender role amongst every other option, IUI also counts for a reliable source of artificial pregnancy to give birth to a child and the infertile copes can opt for it anytime!

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