Infertility: Growing concern among men and women!

We are generally born with the belief and knowledge that once we grow up and reach the age of fertility, we can go through the process of fertilization and gain the ability of childbirth. But after coming in terms with the fact that we have infertility issues, most of us generally break down.

Though it is quite normal that people can face infertility issues just like any other diseases, it is still a matter of concern, pain and grief for individuals facing such phases in their lives. Both female and male infertility has their respective types of IVF treatments which the health experts suggest them in order to gift them the joy of parenthood.

So, there is “hope at the end of the tunnel”….

Today, the growing modes of treatments related to the infertility issues are relieving for the couples who have to go through such phases in life. With the best forms of IVF techniques, like the IUI/ICSI treatment, ZIFT, GIFT, etc. one can now have a baby of his or her own, even though they are not capable of reproducing biologically! At times, the causes of infertility in both men and women occur due to ere unhealthy lifestyle habits, which is a very common factor now.

In other cases, the likes of being hereditarily infertile, having some past infections in the reproductive organs, clinical conditions, hormonal issues, etc. can be held responsible for a person being infertile. We must be wary about every single sign of infertility and never delay in consulting a fertility expert when we feel there is something wrong with our reproductive health.

The number of infertile couples only rises day by day…

If we go by global statistics, almost 50 million people worldwide go through the phases of infertility every year and the number keeps rising each year. According to surveys conducted by national health organizations in the recent past, an approximate of total 10.5% of women around the world faced signs of secondary female infertility while roughly 2% faces primary infertility symptoms.

These numbers in the past decade (almost) have increased to 12% – 16% just on record; off record, it is much higher than expected! It is indeed a matter of concern for the couples today who are planning to start a family in the near future.

Infertility Issues
Infertility Issues

How can these alarming figures come down?

Well, most of the times the Infertility issues in females and males arises due to some, or the other, kind of negligence. You may be neglecting problems in your periods for a long time thinking t to be a common factor or you may be neglecting the fact that your sperm production in every ejaculation is less, citing it to be just normal!

But all these signs can be seriously affecting your reproductive health without your knowledge and you may never neglect such symptoms whenever you notice them and consult an infertility specialist soon!

Also, the change in our lifestyles is a “must-have necessity” and “need of the hour” now; people don’t realize that mere sleeping negligence or being more stressed can be a reason for their infertility which by no means should be taken in a light manner. Always remember, a little carefulness and alertness in your part can save you from more severe issues in the future and you must make sure you take care of such things.

Some improvements in our everyday lifestyle can impact our reproductive health to unimaginable extents. Like we should start with healthy eating and sleeping habits; they are a very strong reason for having healthy fertility.

Also, we must quit bad habits like smoking and drinking. Apart from these, we must do regular exercises and check on our stresses levels quite often to prevent its harmful effects from actually harming us and making us prone to infertility!

Infertility Treatment for Male and Females
Infertility Treatment – AvetaIVF

The final take – How to treat Infertility Issues in male and females?

When you face infertility issues, you must first consult a fertility expert to ensure whether you are actually suffering from infertility or it is just another unsuccessful attempt to become pregnant.

But if you are facing such an unsuccessful pregnancy for almost a year, even though you have regular sexual intercourse with your partner, you must not delay in seeking treatments. At times, these infertility issues can be clinical and with proper timely treatments, they can be overcome amongst several individuals.

The treatment ranges from medicinal applications to even surgeries at times but you must know that being late in receiving such treatments can cause the conditions to worsen and can lead you to permanent infertility.

So, if you or your near ones are suffering from any such issues which indicate that you or your partner might be suffering from infertility then consult IVF treatment/ IVF center Ranchi for the best advice and treatment thereafter from the experts.

AvetaIVF and Test Tube Baby Center, is an expert infertility treatment center located in Ranchi, who has generated a ray of hope & joy in the life of such infertile couples since last several years.

Our highly trained specialist team of infertility doctors diagnose the exact cause of your infertility and offer very affordable advanced infertility treatment available with us ranging from IVF, IUI, ICSI, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy & etc. AvetaIVF is a unit of Pahlajani IVF Raipur, which is a highly reputed IVF clinic operated by internationally experienced doctors and IVF specialists for the last two decades.

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